SOCKS Proxy API Service

API Access

1. General information

Developers and all those who would like to have access to proxies in automated way, have ability to get access to our service using API (Application programming interface).

The API has been designed to perform following actions:

  • List all proxies available on the service
  • Search for specific proxies using various filters (Country, ISP, City, State etc.)
  • Fetch one or more of the proxies from the list.
  • Quickly fetch a proxy - for those who don't need advanced features - like filters
  • Perform refunds of proxies if necessary
  • Get information about your account, subscription and remaining package limits or balance.

2. Documentation

The API is easy and fast to use and learn.

Like most of API's of other websites, it uses HTTP protocol and JSON - which are easy to work with.
You can find all technical information and example usage in the documentation below:

PremSocks API v1 Documentation

3. Access

To start using our API, you need to get an API Key. The key is used to authenticate you during service usage
API Key will be automatically assigned to your account and displayed to you after API access is purchased.
Once activated, the key will be valid until your package expires. After generation the same api key can be used for 5 years. Then it has to be re-generated.

API access is FREE. You need to have package Daily 30 or bigger to use it.

Activate API Access